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CO2MMANDO Dry Ice Blasting Machines Dry Ice Blasting Machines
Commando® dry ice blasting machines provide an economical and efficient way to clean nearly any surface using dry ice pellets. The key advantages of dry ice cleaning are that it leaves behind no secondary waste (CO2 sublimates) and since it’s nonflammable and nonconductive, most equipment and machinery can be cleaned in place without any disassembly or cooling, reducing downtime in an industrial environment. Dry ice blasting is the ideal way to remove production residue, slag, release agents, contaminants, paints, oils, inks, biofilms & more! Commando® dry ice blasting machines are available with all pneumatic or pneumatic/electric operation and feature the BlitzFeed™ freezeless dry ice delivery system. Click here for our brochure.

The COMMAND AIR® 500 Aftercooler offers a portable solution for moisture and particulate removal from air compressors. Built for heavy duty applications, it features a self-purging automatic drain, robust steel frame and airless tires for easy mobility.

See the COMMANDO Dry Ice Blasting Machines in action! Watch our application videos for cleaning demonstrations on various surfaces and see how dry ice blasting can save time when compared to your current cleaning process.
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